BUG: Select a "catch" game and catch your last ball, then press SELECT and release the ball. You'll play in the attract mode (complete with color shift!), unable to score points, but you'll keep getting new balls when you miss (see video). {Russ Perry Jr.}

BUG: The PAL version has a bug, which causes the ball to “jump” off the paddle (usually when it hits the center of it).  It also happens in the NTSC version, but the ball doesn’t jump as bad.  This glitch is even mentioned in the manual (under ‘Playing Tips’).  {Brad Stewart}

BUG: There is a small problem with how the ball is deflected. When the ball hits the top border, the horizontal width register of the player's paddle is set to be smaller. This could have led to a problem of never being deflected to the right as the paddle hits it later the programmer had the deflection angles skewed to the left slightly. This is not much of an issue while the paddle is still wide, but becomes difficult to intentionally deflect the ball to the left later when the paddle is short (easy to miss the ball completely when trying for a left deflection). {Kurt Howe}




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