The manual twice mentions the game is about reaching an ancient monastery to rescue a famous leader that is being held hostage, but then says the objective is to enter the monastery and get as many points as possible.

BUG: Enemies will sometimes move to the very top or bottom of the screen, making it difficult to hit them as when you try to kick or punch, you almost always move away from the border just enough to make you vulnerable.

BUG: Enemies can still throw a Chinese star a split-second after being hit and disappearing.

BUG: Using the block can sometimes render you invisible to an enemy (video #1).

BUG: If you touch an enemy, he’ll push you back, knocking you down, and then immediately reverse direction, but if you touch him while facing away from him, you’ll fall down on the opposite side of him, and unable to get away from him, since he’ll immediately touch you again as soon as you stand up. This may happen several times in a row, before you have a chance to get away from him (video #2).

BUG: In fighting screens with 2 or 3 enemies, after getting the required number of hits on enemies, it’s possible to get in an extra hit on an enemy before going back to the scrolling path (video #3), although you won’t earn any points for it.

BUG: Rare glitch where both you and your opponent hit each other, with the opponent flying off the screen in the opposite direction (video #5).

BUG: At the start of the last fight before the monastery (for the black belt against the Goemon guards), if the bottom guard throws a star, it will sometimes change direction!  Also, sometimes a star will briefly appear on the screen at the start of the fight (video #7).

BUG: When you approach the monastery, the entrance will shift over to the right a bit (video #4).

BUG: There’s an area right before you enter the monastery where you can walk freely from one side of the screen to the other without losing points (video #6).

BUG: In any of the fighting screens (including the monastery), if you move to the right edge of the screen, the screen will drop down a bit (video #4).

BUG: Although the manual states the Ninjas can be defeated, there doesn’t seem to be an actual ending.  Once reaching the monastery, it takes 30 hits to eliminate all the Ninjas, after which you are alone until time runs out (video #4).






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