• The level counter stops at 99.

• The version on Activision's Anthology Remix Edition isn't exactly the same - it only has 2 game variations and is lacking some features.

• When the game starts to speed up, the secret to climbing past the first girder is to always climb up the right side of the ladder, otherwise you’ll always get hit.

• BUG: The game is a bit flawed in that you can't reach some platforms when the game speeds up (level 4 and beyond on normal or advanced variations), and you're left with simply moving up or down the first ladder, waiting for the ball to hopefully appear in that corner (and very often it won't).

• BUG: Reversing the girders also reveals a flaw.  If you try and reverse it just as it's approaching the pre-determined point that it would normally reverse, because you'll waste your remaining time trying to reverse a girder that will immediately reverse right back.

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