• EASTER EGG: Hold the FIRE button down and load game - the initials “SHL” (for Stephen Harland Landrum) will appear on the high score screen in place of “HI” (see picture). {Stephen Landrum}

• The maximum number of cannons you can have in reserve is 9 (picture #2 and video).  You cannot earn any more than that.  {Gordon Taylor}

• After clearing 10 waves, you get a brown flag with a "10" on it in place of the usual purple pennants (picture #2 and video).  This will occur after every 10th wave from that point onward, lining up in a row the same way the pennants do.  {Gordon Taylor}

• The maximum number of pennants and flags that can be shown on screen at one time is 99 - 9 "10" flags and 9 pennants below them (picture #2 and video).  If you clear Wave 100, the flags and pennants will display as normal until you reach what's supposed to be the 100th pennant, which instead clears the screen and plays a different sound effect than the usual one when tallied (you also won't get the normal 100 bonus points for that 100th pennant).  After about a second, the game will continue on to Wave 101, which behaves the same as Wave 100 except an extra pennant will appear after the screen clear at the end (essentially, you get a rollover effect).  This behavior will repeat for all Waves 1xx, with xx number of pennants (and flags as appropriate) appearing after the first 99 are cleared.  {Gordon Taylor}

• The score counter maxes at 999,990 although you can still keep playing once you hit it (picture #3 and video).  The maxed counter will also display as your high score if you end the game afterward.  {Gordon Taylor}

• BUG: If you lose your last ship as the last alien is leaving the screen (on an odd-numbered wave), you’ll still earn an extra life and continue the game.




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