2 versions exist.  One allows you to turn the starfield off and on with the TV Type switch.

The scout ship can be speeded up by holding down LEFT+RIGHT. {Scott Stilphen}

There are 7 different “beasties” over the first 14 planets, after which they repeat (see picture and video #1).

It’s possible to marathon the game (and even stay on a given level) since you earn fuel by picking up creatures, not by bringing them back to the ark.

BUG: If a meteor is too close to your ship when you fire, your shot will pass right through it (videos #1 and #2).

BUG: If you’re on the planet and press RESET when the warning blast sounds, you’ll start game over but the warning blast will still be playing.  As soon as it stops, the meteor shower will stop and you’ll go to the planet.

BUG: It’s possible for the beasties to wrap around the screen. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The starfield is the result of a bug in the TIA chip (INFO).

FRYING: Causes all meteors to fly from the left.  Also, all the beasties will be scrambled (video #2). {David Allen}




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