Pressing SELECT at certain points causes strange effects.  If done before the opening tune ends, the game will pause on the last note.  RESET un-pauses the game. When a girder is on-screen, game play freezes for a few seconds.  Eggs can be cracked.  The evil doctor and electrical signs (on the right side) will disappear (if a sign is on the left, it will lock the game up), as sprite data is cycled through the dropped item. When you’re falling, it will produce a momentary pause.   It also offers some control over the helicopter! {Andy Floyd}

Pictures #7-#10 are the complete layouts for each of the 4 buildings.

It’s possible to bump falling objects as they’re falling past you and you move towards them.  {Scott Stilphen}

When you get the end of the condors area on building #3, the last egg will fall twice as fast.  {Scott Stilphen}

Electrical signs: If you go up the right side of the building (where it splits) the sign will be covering both columns of windows.  Sometimes if you move fast enough up the left column you can get past the wire before it jolts you.  To avoid this trap, stay to the left side.

The manual mentions you need to grab the helicopter within 30 seconds (once reaching the top), otherwise you lose all your bonus points, and suggests you try to predict where it will be, but the helicopter doesn't appear until you've reached the very top (and not always in the same spot) and you can't climb down, so all you can do is move left or right and raise one arm or the other.

BUG: Helicopter - Sometimes you can’t grab the helicopter, even though your hand is under it when it comes down (this often happens the first time the helicopter comes down).  Other times you’ll grab it when your hand clearly isn’t touching rail (this often happens when your hand is just to the left of the rail).  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: Falling girders will sometimes wrap-around (picture #1).

BUG: When climbing past a row with a window, your whole body will briefly be the same color as your top (picture #2).

BUG: If you climb fast enough, an object dropped by the Mad Doctor will change into an egg if a Condor immediately follows the Mad Doctor.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: Any large moving objects (bird, girder, sign) touching the building tend to slightly alter the building graphics to the left of it (picture #3).

BUG: If you’re hit by a falling object at the same time you’re moving, you’ll hear a steady tone with the music.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: Electrical signs - The graphics for the electrical signs are usually distorted.  Every time you move up a floor, they will change.  The one on the left will have a smaller sign overlapping it as you pass by (picture #4)! 

BUG: Electrical signs - The loose wire can’t harm you if it touches your lower body (picture #5 and video).

BUG: Electrical signs - Move up under the electrical sign wire and quickly go UP and then RIGHT, or try moving to the open window next to it, then move LEFT and quickly RIGHT.  Your shirt will start flashing the same colors as the sign (picture #6 and video).  This will only last until you go higher and the sign is no longer visible. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The game is severely hampered by how the closing windows are implemented - they close symmetrically instead of independently, which results in unavoidable deaths when trying to climb center sections only 2 columns wide.




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