The quickest path to the castle is either GREEN-GREEN-BLUE-RED or RED-BLUE-RED-RED.  A map was featured in issue #11 of the “2600 Connection” n/l.

Scoring trick – 3 scenes allow you to rack up huge bonus points (making rolling the score counter very easy) while eliminating some enemies!  On the desert scene, shoot your friends’ feet; on the cave and castle scenes, shoot the tip (top pixel – see picture and video #1) of a friend’s hat. {James Delgado}

BUG: The manual has the icons for the Drawbridge and Castle Hall scenes reversed.  It also reversed the Difficulty switch effects.

FRYING: Creates easy version (you’ll first see a screen full of dots if done correctly).  In the desert, vultures and snakes don’t appear, and ants only exit from the left.  In the caverns, bats don’t appear, but stalactites always fall on you.  At the volcano, rocks only fall in two spots.  Only 1 monkey appears in the jungle.  Vultures can’t kill you at the drawbridge.  The Evil Master’s eye doesn’t appear in the game (video #2). {Scott Stilphen}

RUMOR: Hidden initials/message?




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