The Activision DECATHLON

• 2 versions exist.  The original version had a bug pertaining to the pole vault event (described below).  The re-release corrects this.

• The SECAM version has French text onscreen.

• Holding LEFT and repeatedly pressing RIGHT (or the opposite) makes it easier to run.

• BUG: If you score 20,000+ points, the score counter won’t be able to display the “2” in 20,000 (the “1” will remain).  To attain such scores use a CX80 Trak-Ball controller in TB mode. {Scott Stilphen}

• BUG: Javelin – If you throw the javelin just as your speed gauge drops to zero, you’ll throw the javelin straight up, and it will disappear when it falls to the ground.  {Andrew Gallagher}

• BUG: Pole Vault (original version) – Programmer David Crane forgot to deactivate the fire button when you release the pole.  As a result, if you keep hitting the FIRE button after letting go of the pole, you can clear heights well beyond the intended limit of 5.6m (picture #1 and video #1).  Some side-effects of using this trick is that your athlete will disappear when he reaches the blue band at the top (which is the far side of the track – picture #2), his feet sometimes won’t touch the mat when he lands, and the score counter will become corrupted (picture #2).  Later the mat and bar will start to briefly disappear (pictures #2 and #3).  At 7.8m and higher, the bar will only be as high as the mat when you approach it (picture #4), but it will rise up to match your height (when you plant the pole)! After 9.8m the height meter resets to 0.0m (picture #5). Depending on how aggressive you play, the game locks up between 11.4m and 16.2m and the athlete starts floating around the stadium (picture #6 and video #2)! 

• BUG: Pole Vault – If you land close to the left side of the mat, your shadow will still be visible (picture #2).

• FRYING: Fry until the athlete is split by the screen. Then RUN! It's a never-ending race. The numbers even go up to 1900 but then they go back to 1000. On any running event, such as the 100m or 1500m, unplug the joystick and plug in the paddles. Now rapidly tap the buttons on the paddles. You can get much more speed this way instead of shaking the joystick back and forth.




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