At power-up, press and hold SELECT, and then press and hold RESET.  You’ll get a completely empty playfield (picture #1).  If you do this during a game, the screen will show exactly how everything was when you did the trick.  This trick will cause the title screen to constantly stay on - the demo mode will not appear.

On a game set to normal, there are basically 12 different rounds, after which they repeat.  They are in sets of 4 rounds each, with the top soil layer colors being yellow, light green, and pink.  This holds true until you pass round 126 (see bug below).

BUG: The manual states you start with 5 lives, and can earn another 5 (at 20k, 50k, 100k, 150k, and 200k), but none after that; however, you earn a free life if you roll the score (at 1 million), and the same point values for free guys will still work.

BUG: If you stand in the lower-left corner (at the very bottom, and no more than 2 body-widths away from the left edge – picture #2) as the last enemy escapes, you’ll be killed!  If you have any reserve lives left, the enemy will likely reappear somewhere other than in a tunnel (ex. in solid dirt or on top of a rock!).  Another side-effect of this bug affects the continue feature – you’ll start the new game several rounds ahead of where you left off.

BUG: Although the manual says you can’t, you can pump through a narrow column of soil if you’re very close to it.

BUG: A rare glitch may appear after rolling the score in which the ghost of a Fygar will suddenly appear somewhere.

BUG: When the last enemy is a Fygar and it’s a ghost, the bottom-corner pixels of the sprite are shifted over to the right (picture #3).

BUG: On a game set to normal, the action will speed up when certain rounds are reached, and actually decrease later in the game! 

BUG: On a game set to normal, after 126 rounds, you’ll see rounds with strange layouts and sometimes only 1 or no rocks (so you can't always get the bonus veggie points - see video).  {Scott Stilphen}




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