• Scoring routine - each screen is worth 64 points, plus 8 bonus points.  After every “wave” (1 slow single car, 1 fast single car, 3 slow double cars), the order repeats, but a reserve car is lost (if you have none left, the game ends)!  Maximum number of points is 1080 (counter rolls over at 1000). {Scott Stilphen}

• BUG: Hit SELECT as the last dot is cleared.  The computer car will then drive straight up the screen and the game resets (see picture)! {Scott Stilphen}

• RUMOR: On game 1, 1-player mode, when there are 2 computer cars, at a certain point the screen goes blank and the game crashes.  This may only happen on certain (7800?) systems.

• RUMOR: According to the Winter 1983 issue of TV Gamer, on game 3, it's possible to make one of the computer cars suddenly turn right and drive off the screen, at which point it will appear and disappear randomly.



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