There are 9 different castles in the game, which can be recognized by their color.  After #9, the last castle keeps repeating and the difficulty does not increase. Here are the castles and their respective dragons:

(1) grey green
(2) green orange
(3) orange blue (dragon will speed up if you’re too far away)
(4) green purple
(5) green red (both dragon and price move faster)
(6) blue yellow (dragon fires faster)
(7) green orange (dragon moves faster)
(8) purple black
(9) purple white (dragon fires faster)

On the first 4 castles, you can safely stand on the left side of the treasure room and the dragon can’t hit you. {Scott Stilphen}

Hold FIRE to jump, then immediately press the joystick in the opposite direction your character is facing while continuing to hold FIRE. Your character will seem to run backwards before turning around.

BUG: Although not mentioned in the manual, the Difficulty switches are used in the game.  When set to A, the fireballs are faster.

BUG: On the 1st screen, start running left and press SELECT.  You’ll turn into a “line” and slip between the fireballs and into the treasure room (picture #1).  You’ll also lose your score.  Be sure to hit SELECT twice each time, otherwise you’ll change it into a 2-player game. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: On a 2-player game, if one player gets hit on legs when leaving the treasure room, the other player will be penalized for it (see video)!  {Russ Perry Jr.}

FRYING: Get the treasure room to appear with all the treasures along the left side of the screen.  If you start a game, you’ll notice every treasure room will have the treasures lined up along the left side (picture #2 and video)!  {Scott Stilphen}

FRYING: Get a black & white castle to appear.  All the treasures will be in a row and look like the word "in". The dragon will spout few, if any, fireballs. Touch one of the prizes without running it over and you just keep collecting points, nonstop! This one is quite rare to trigger.  {Chris Goggans}





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