• EASTER EGG: While an axe is being displayed on-screen, use the shield.  The initials “SHL” (for Stephen Harland Landrum) will appear in your stat window (see picture and video #1). {Stephen Landrum}

• It’s possible to kill the bridge guard (you need at least 3 strength objects in reserve), as well as the dragon (which isn’t necessary to win the game) - video #2. {Scott Stilphen}

• Does the lantern serve any purpose?

• BUG: During the first load, arrange to die near a castle. Then press RESET and run into a castle trap before the copyright at the start of the game clears the screen. You may now leave the trap without any loss of strength or use of normal escape trap procedure, though the trap will appear and the screen will say "Trap". The trick only seems to work 1-3 times, though.




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