BUG: Scoring “mistakes” usually happen if the game is restarted using RESET instead of the FIRE button.

BUG: Despite the manual’s statement otherwise, it is possible to hop off-screen! To do it, jump on the 1st row of turtles, and jump DOWN when half of you is off the screen (see picture and video).  Then start hopping LEFT.  The frog will move in and out of the border a few times, and the screen will start jumping, but eventually you’ll wrap-around to the right side! {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: Teleporting frog - set the Difficulty switch to B (allowing you to wrap-around the screen). Begin game play and jump on a log that moves to the right, and ride off the screen. Jump left before your frog reappears and you’ll transport to the center of the screen (see video) - if this is done on the top log, you can safely transport to the other one!  {Mark Androvich}




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