The maximum score possible before the score counter rolls is 999,950.

A trick for pausing the game is to wait until you hit a reverse gravity galaxy and then just drift to a corner away from the reactor (so the enemy saucer won't get you) and take a break. However, there is a limit as to how long you can leave the game idle, at which point the game will simply end.

BUG: Your shot isn’t always lined up with where your ship is pointing.

BUG: It’s possible to roll the lives counter.  From about 315K thru 725K, your ship counter disappears, at which point it will keep cycling through between black ships on blue backgrounds and just all black squares.  After losing about 5 ships, I noticed it was adding the black ships on the blue background once again, but the game ended (with a score of 1, 673,950) on my next death even though I should have had over 100 lives left.  {Jeff “jedijeff”}


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