The score rolls over at 1 million.  When it does, the color of your score counter changes from orange to purple.  If you roll it again at 2 million, it changes to green.  The color doesn’t change for subsequent rolls. {Tim Snider}

Mike's speed maxes out around 100,000 points, so if you can just learn his patterns and behaviors at that point, it's a matter of predicting where he'll turn up and avoiding those areas.  {Tim Snider}

BUG: A dot appears on top of the babysitter’s head when standing at the screen edges. {Dominick and Joshua Roman}

BUG: Although the score starts ramping up exponentially, it eventually drops back to the lower-scoring levels again.  So, even though you'll be getting 5,000+ points for each rescue further on in the game, around 800,000, it drops back down to 625 per rescue and the score-ramping-up starts over again.  {Tim Snider}

BUG: After 3.5 million, the kids disappear and you are continually given the knife.



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