The alligators only fully open their mouths when their tail is pointed up, and only partially open their mouths when their tail is pointed down.

The 4th round on the rope screen (and every round after) is quite difficult, but it is possible to complete. It requires critical timing with your jumps.  However, if you find yourself at the very end of a rope, it will be impossible to jump to the next vine.

BUG: The manual mistakenly refers to the jungle as the Deadly Forest (in spite of the game being called JUNGLE hunt), and the ropes as vines (vines in a forest?). Both the 8-bit and 5200 manuals refer to them as ropes. The original game, Jungle King, had vines; the lawsuit with Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate forced Taito to re-release the game as Jungle Hunt, and one of the changes made was making the vines ropes.

BUG: On the boulder scene, if a large boulder leaves the screen at the top of a bounce and a small boulder enters the screen, it will appear at that height (which otherwise is too high for them).


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