Screen “warp” tricks: Press and hold LEFT+RIGHT+DOWN. Your character will fall through the “floor” and off the screen, and eventually reappear at the top (watch the bonus fruit - it will start to blink right before you appear).  If timed correctly, you can land on the top branch!  A good short-cut to Baby Kangaroo is to move directly under the top ladder nearest her and time it so you appear somewhere on the ladder. Warning - if you stop falling somewhere below the bottom margin, the game will crash (video #1).  {Scott Stilphen}

The monkeys throwing pattern is always in this order: top - middle - bottom.  Note that the first apple thrown won’t always be a top one.

The maximum bonus points possible for each screen are:  (1) 1,500  (2) 1,500  (3) 1,600.

BUG: On screen two, after climbing a ladder, do an extra jump before trying to jump across a broken branch.  If you don’t, your kangaroo will “hesitate” before jumping (usually costing you a life).  Also on this screen, when you jump from the small branch onto the third “level”, sometimes you won’t move up- you’ll simply jump in place.  Move a little to the left or right and try again. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: If more than 8 extra lives are accumulated, the reserve lives counter will start to show graphics glitches (video #2). {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The manual incorrectly states the game uses the TV Type switch; the program doesn’t even check to see what it’s set at.




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