One of the best ways to get big points is to make a big ‘X’ (two 5-tile diagonals crossing) for 6,000pts.

Secret warp bonus - Making a big ‘X’ will warp you far ahead in the game.  For example, doing so on Wave 6 gives you 50,000 & warps you ahead to Wave 51 (pictures #1 and #2)!  These secret warps are not mentioned in the game.

Completing the game (wave 100) will show a celebratory screen with fireworks (pictures #3 and #4).

BUG: Making a big “sandwich” klax with the ramp jammed with tiles (picture #5) will sometimes cause the game to glitch.  When this happens, the screen will jump and you’ll see a brown tile falling near the left side of the ramp (picture #6) as your points are being tallied and your score will increase by approximately 150k more than it should!  If you play through the next 4 waves, you’ll get a selection screen where the last option is for wave “1C9” with a 20k bonus (picture #7).  If you select that one, you’ll need to make 36 diagonals! (picture #8)  If you do, the game acts as if you completed the game and the celebratory screen will appear.  If you start a new game, the high score will be garbled (picture #9) and you’ll have the same option to warp to wave 1C9 (picture #10).



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