• The collision of the candle flames in the "shoot the candelabra" bonus round is strange but consistently applied by the game.  Instead of covering the entire flame sprite, it actually only covers a few pixels in different locations on each flame!  The center flame's collision is the lower-left corner of the sprite, the left flame's collision is the center-left of the sprite, and the right flame's collision is the top-left of the sprite.  This means the bonus round can be consistently cleared in a tool-assisted run (and explains the apparent "dodgy collision" of those playing in real-time - a shot has to be both pixel AND frame perfect to register in this case).  {Gordon Taylor}

• If you shoot the candelabra once the big bonus starts ticking up spontaneously in the buggy Round 17, you will only get the candelabra bonus plus whatever points were accumulated between the time the bonus starts ticking up and the time you hit the candelabra (i.e. you fix the glitchy condition that results in the big bonus in the first place).  It is therefore in the interest of those seeking a high score to deliberately avoid the candelabra in Round 17 to make sure the big bonus will be accumulated.  {Gordon Taylor}

• The score rolls at 100,000.

• BUG: After clearing the 17th round, the scoring counter doesn’t track any objects you shoot in the 18th round.  If you shoot all of the objects, the score counter will start tabulating as soon as you hit the 8th object and it will run for 6 minutes before finally stopping, adding 25,655 to your score!  Once the counter stops, the candelabra will appear, after which you can continue playing.  I only played 2 rounds after that (19th and 20th – both offer 20 seconds of time).  See the video for footage of rounds 17 and 18.  Gordon Taylor also did some TAS runs to find out more about this glitch (video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4).  {Scott Stilphen}

• BUG: The "multiplier" used by the game to increase the score awarded in each round is apparently stored as a 4-bit value and ends up rolling over to zero in the buggy Round 17.  In that round, the targets will give no points because the multiplier value is set to zero for that round.  The big bonus that results afterward would be because the zero would somehow afterward be rolled back to a positive number that's read as 255 (8-bit maximum) instead of 15 (4-bit maximum) - note that the reported bonus total is approximately 255x100 (the small value difference coming from the objects shot in Round 18 while the big bonus is being given out).  {Gordon Taylor}

• BUG: When the game is changing between targets during a round, there is one frame where you can see the previous target's sprite at the location where the next target will appear.  The orientation of the sprite will be flipped horizontally if the next target will appear on the opposite side of the screen from where the previous target was hit.  This can be seen (usually with the bigger targets) in real-time as a flash of color, but is much more easily observed in an emulator with frame advance.  {Gordon Taylor}




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