2 versions exist!  The original version came in a green box (with a green label and manual), whereas the later version had a blue box and label (and possibly a manual as well).  Also, the blue label version awards 4 points per suitcase collected on the first wave.  After the 1st round, if you only have 75 points, you have the original (green) version; If you have 100 pts, you have the blue version.

To get a super high score, play the opponent-guided barrage version and have the other player hold the joystick DOWN, making the bags easier to collect. {Dave & Russ Perry Jr.}

A free suitcase is earned whenever the 3rd digit is either a 4 or 8 (ex. 400, 800, 1,400, etc).  This is not mentioned in the manual.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: After the 1st level, the point value for each suitcase increases by 1 point each for every level.  If the value goes beyond 87 (i.e. complete 84 levels in the green version, or 83 in the blue version) the game will stop - planes will keep landing, but no luggage will come out.  This normally happens with just over 100k points, but it is possible to continue the game (by intentionally losing men).  {Scott Stilphen}


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