HIDDEN MESSAGE:  Parker Bros.Joe Gaucher” can be found at the very end of the compiled code listing. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: Get 8 or more hearts, and then die. Once you start your next life, go RIGHT off the ledge, then LEFT to the spinach.  Brutus should be right behind you.  Get the spinach and hit Brutus and your score will become 115,120!  If you do it again (on the 4th screen) your score will become 114,110.  {Kerr S. Clarkson, TV Gamer May 1984}

BUG: Start playing and then hold down the RESET button - the music will play about an octave lower. Seems only to work on the older 2600 console, and not on the 2600jr and 7800.

BUG: It happens very rarely, but if you’re in the right spot when you punch Brutus he’ll wrap-around the screen to the other side! {Scott Stilphen}

FRYING: Get a rolling screen to appear.  When it stops you’ll have about 255 free men in reserve! {Scott Stilphen}


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