EASTER EGG: The decoy counter will turn into the initials “CH” (for programmer Charlie Heath – picture #1) if you score 200,000 points or more.

2 versions are believed to exist – one that stops at 999,999 points, and the other which rolls at 999,999.

BUG: The sprite-collision detection for the side chamber openings is way off.  You can actually move through the first “block” of the side of the opening closer to the center of the screen (picture #2).  It’s also better to enter/exit the chamber horizontally than vertically as there seems to be an area on the other side of the opening that will kill you if you touch it.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: There’s a random spot along the top wall of the reactor that, when your game ends, you can bump into and continue earning points.  If you earn enough for an extra life and then kill off your “attract mode” life, you’ll continue playing the game with the extra life you earned!


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