HIDDEN MESSAGE: CBS Games had a contest with this game.  You had to find the secret word, HELIOS (which is the Greek word for ‘sun’), then send in an entry form to enter.  The word was a hint to an upcoming “surprise” from CBS (future game?).  Each letter was given after completing a round; when you completed six you had the whole word (see video).  It’s unknown what happened with this contest.

The rack # rolls at 100.  The maximum number of reserve ships shown on-screen is 4.  The score rolls at 1 million (see video).

BUG: Kill screen - After clearing Rack 255, the rack counter goes to 0 (rack 256).  The cells will be worth 12,000 points each instead of 100 (this value changes with each successive rack 256) but once you collect all the cells, you’ll be stuck on that screen with no way to advance.  It’s possible to skip the kill screen by clearing rack 255 before the skip-a-rack timer runs out.  If you’re successful, you start at rack 1 after the challenge rack.  You’ll be penalized 68,000 points, but you’ll be able to continue.  {Steve Germershausen}




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