There’s a hidden level select option.  To reveal it, push the joystick in any direction while powering game on.  {Darrell Spice Jr.}

There are 2 bonus levels hidden in the game.  These can be triggered on the 2 “tree” levels #7 and #23 (pictures #1 and #3).  On both levels, collect all the presents and extinguish all the fireballs.  On level 7, simply fall down into the void below to reach the bonus screen (picture #2).   On level 23, there is a hidden platform to the left of the top of the tree (picture #3).  Once on it, simply press FIRE to jump up and off the screen to the bonus screen (picture #4).  Also, there's a pretty major clue to the existence of these levels; if you exit level 7 and 23 normally you end up on level 9 and 25 respectively.  {Darrell Spice Jr.}

BUG: The cart is incompatible with 6-switch consoles.  The cart uses a new version of the Melody pcb which lacks several parts that the original Melody pcb (as well as the Harmony) has.  The same hardware mod to correct incompatibility problems with River Raid II will also correct this.

BUG: If you lose your last life and push DOWN before the continue screen comes on, your snowman will drop from the top-left of the screen and the score counter will constantly increase until the 10 seconds are up.  You’ll be unable to exit the stage to continue the game and the game will return to the attract mode.

BUG: On the 2nd level, if you collect all the ice blocks and then die while extinguishing the last fireball (in the upper-right corner), you’ll fall on the exit arrow and end the level, but the next level will score with the score counter constantly increasing.

BUG: On rare occasions, after dying, instead of emerging from the floor, you’ll fall from the ceiling and the score counter will constantly increase.


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