The meaning of the “FW” clue is unknown.

It’s possible to run through all the different waterfalls (in Leo) without stopping. {Scott Stilphen}

Pictures #1 and #2 show the final clue screen and the sword (video #1)

The complete solution for the NTSC version can be found in the SwordQuest Archive of Adventure article.

The complete solution for both the PAL and contest versions can be found in the SwordQuest Revisited article.  It’s interesting to note that there are only 11 levels, since the game is based around the 12 Zodiac symbols.  Perhaps there is a yet-unfound 12th clue?

BUG: There are invisible “lines” running vertically down the screen that (when crossed) trigger the next waterfall, or the entrance to the zodiac room.  Notice that the waterfalls slowly move to the left. If you let one (the first one is the most difficult since there’s little room to maneuver) of them pass w/o triggering the next line, it will eventually wrap-around the screen (picture #3)! {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: At the title screen, hold down RESET and the SwordQuest logo becomes dots (picture #4). If you also hit the FIRE button the dots will change size.

BUG: The 27-2 clue should actually be 27-1 since the page it's referring to is a single panel.  {Scott Stilphen}

FRYING: Fry until only a sword appears on the title screen, start the game and you'll have six keys (video #2). {Terence Micharoni}

RUMOR: An NTSC version exists with the PAL solution.




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