The meaning of the clue numbers is unknown, but it’s possible that being they were simply numbered from 00 to 09 meant that there were 10 word clues to find in the comic book.

It's impossible to find all the clues in order because by the time you get to clue 05, the difficulty ramps up too high to pass the skill test to get into room E, and the one item you need to pass it (the cloak of invisibility) has to be placed in room D first.  If you start with clue 05 first, you can then find the rest of the clues in order.

Other objects can be in the correct rooms, besides the object(s) you need.

It’s impossible to find the first clue, 00, because room J is hidden unless you’re holding the Chalice, and you have to place the Chalice in room A first before you drop items in room J! The only way to access it is by using the screen warping trick (described below).

Screen warping trick: It's possible to “warp” up into adjacent rooms.  In some rooms corner warping can be used to also go left, right, and down.  Was this by design or a glitch (picture #1 and videos #1 and #2)? {Michael Sebastion}

A good method for beating the game is to first put all the objects in a room with an easy skill test such as the snakes (rooms B and G).  From there, just take the items you need for the clue you want, and after you get the clue, return the items to the snake room and repeat your actions for the next clue.  {Burt Wardall}

The complete solution for the NTSC version can be found in the SwordQuest Archive of Adventure article.

The complete solution for the PAL version can be found in the SwordQuest Revisited article.  It is believed the PAL version is actually the “Special Edition” version used for the contest.

BUG: In room E, sometimes when trying to warp to room G you will reappear on the other side of the room instead.  You can also get stuck on the walls in some rooms. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: When you find a clue, occasionally a “block” (cursor) will appear in the inventory (picture #2).  To get rid of it, go in a treasure room and place your cursor over it and “drop” it, otherwise you won’t be able to carry 6 objects. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The inventory “block” glitch is more prevalent in the PAL version.  Clearing the block creates another rope item, which will appear in the room.  You can actually create enough ropes to have 6 in your inventory and one in each room! 

BUG: Normally you have 8 chances to finish some skill tests (all but the Snakes and Dragons).  Each time you fail, you’ll hear a “miss” sound.  With the Goblins test though, you only get 7.  Notice that when you first start the test you’ll hear a “miss”.  There’s also a way to hear 9 “miss” sounds with the Goblins test– at power up, wait until you see the screen showing your character and then start the game.  If the very first test you do is the Goblins, you’ll actually hear 2 “miss” sounds at the start, instead of 1.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: There are numerous glitches that appear with the skill tests.  With the Snakes test, you may be stuck on the screen when you start (your character won’t appear – picture #3) or when you kill all of them (and the screen doesn’t change); with the Flamedragons, you may see a “bolt” of fire shooting up from the bottom when you start; with the Salamanders and Firebirds, the bottom border may disappear as you are hit (the Salamaders screen seems to be very “unstable” and jumps frequently.  Also, a line sometimes appears in the left margin – picture #4). All tests seem to suffer from poor sprite-collision detection (ex. a goblin or knife may slip past you and not be counted as a miss).  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The word clue in the comic on page 43-4 is “abound”, but an article on page 13 of the V2N3 issue of Atari Age states the word should be “abounds” (plural).  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: One of the word clues in the comic book is misspelled - 48-3 (“released”).




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