HIDDEN MESSAGE:  ATARI in large, capital letters is coded as graphics in the program, but it is never used anywhere (see pic).  Its possible this was to be part of an unfinished title screen. {Scott Stilphen}

There are a total of 11 mines.  The scenes that appear for the first 4 are:

Mine 1: nugget gathering, spiders, miner rescue, river
Mine 2: nuggets, spiders, elevators, miner, river
Mine 3: nuggets, spiders, elevators, ledges, miner, river
Mine 4: nuggets, spiders, elevators, ledges, pushdown bars, miner, river

Mines 5-11 feature the same sequence of scenes as Mine 4, with slight variations (faster enemies/obstacles, longer sequences).

You dont receive any points or extra time for rescuing the trapped miner, so its not worth getting him.

The pushdown bars in mines 4-11 dont always appear as soon as you reach the screen.  How and where you jump off the last ledge seems to influence this.  {Scott Stilphen}

The large pushdown bar in mines 10 and 11 requires critical timing to get past, but it is possible.  With luck, the appearance of the large bar will be delayed when you reach the screen.  {Scott Stilphen}

Pressing RESET when your game ends restarts you at the last level you were on.  The only way to start over at mine 1 is to power-cycle the game.

BUG: Its possible to wrap-around the screen on the ledge scene.  {Gordon Taylor}

BUG: With each mine, the river sequence is longer, but by mine 11, its too long to complete with the limited amount of time youre given.  {Scott Stilphen}



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