TRON Deadly Discs

• Either joystick (left or right) can be used to play.  This is not documented in the manual. {Tony Roy}

• Hold all 4 directions down, UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT, and power on game.  Your character will run up to the top of the screen without any enemies appearing. {Scott Stilphen}

• If you press UP+DOWN and then FIRE, you’ll leave your shot on the screen.  It will act like a mine, killing anyone who touches it  Press FIRE to return it. {Matthias David}

• Face right, hold LEFT+RIGHT and press FIRE.  The shot will go to the left, behind you.  Pressing LEFT+RIGHT+DOWN causes the shot to go diagonally up and left.  {Tony Roy}

• BUG: The speed of your disc is not constant.  To illustrate this, stand near the center of the screen and throw a disc either right or left, then run in the opposite direction.  When the disc gets close to you it will slow down and actually follow right next to you for a second! {Scott Stilphen}

• BUG: If the disc is tossed straight up in a line above the right side of the bottom right door, it appears to split into two (see picture). {BSR}



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