BUG: According to the manual, sometimes the computer will not let you use “en passant” to move out of check.  If this happens, you have to go into the set-up mode to correct it.  Also, if after setting up a chess problem, you initial move is to “castle”, the computer may not accept it as a legal move.

BUG: If you checkmate the computer, the game doesn’t actually “end”.  Instead, you’ll hear a buzzing sound, and you’ll be able to take the king and keep playing!  {John Soper}   If you manage to promote a pawn afterwards, it may become the computer's (Queen) piece!  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The prototype, Computer Chess, has a serious glitch.  Most of the time, the AI (playing white) will begin by moving its king’s pawn forward 2 spaces.  Threaten this position by moving your queen’s pawn down two.  The AI will defend its pawn position by moving its queen’s knight.  If you then move your king’s bishop pawn to threaten the pawn from the opposite side, it responds by taking this one.  The bug is that the victorious pawn becomes yours! (see photo)

RUMOR: In the July/August 1983 issue of Atari Age (pg. 23), Salim Bhaloo writes in to describe a bug he found with game 6 or 7 that if the game is left on long enough, the computer will start moving pieces around, and the editor confirmed it.  However, nobody else has been able to confirm this bug since then.



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