Its possible to keep the ball in play after tilting - keep pushing UP.

If you hit SELECT during a game, the ball and scoring will still be active, as will the Difficulty switches! {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: When you hit the bonus-points rollover a few times, RESET the game.  When you lose the first ball on the next game, the bonus points will count down!  Depending on how many times it counted, it'll stop on some number other than 1, and that will be the base number for the rest of the game. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: Its possible to roll the number counter over 28 times (up to 255 numbers), after which the counter bonus resets back to 0; if this happens, the counter likely wont go back to 1 when you lose the ball. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: If the ball is moving fast enough, sometimes it will cross over the bonus roll-overs w/o registering (see video).  Same with the drop targets at the top.  This is a programming issue.  The code skips the check for the next hit for up to 16 frames.  Why this was done is unknown.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: On rare occasions the ball will go through the Atari roll-over and the symbols wont appear on the playfield (although the score counter will register it)!  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: Pushing RIGHT when the ball is in the left drain will cause it to hit an invisible ledge and bounce back up!  {Galen Tatsuo Komatsu}

FRYING: Occasionally may offer free balls, or may create extra drains at the bottom.




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