The manual mentions the rabbit’s score counter will drop 25 carrots (points), but what it doesn’t mention is it will drop 50 points if you reach 1,000 (and roll the score counter - video #1).  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: When a rabbit appears, sometimes the carrots in that row will slightly move.

BUG: Any egg thrown will disappear the instant the last carrot is taken, and it won’t be possible to shoot any rabbits running away.

BUG: Occasionally, when the last carrot in the patch is taken, another one may appear somewhere in the patch (before the last rabbit runs off and the patch is repopulated).

BUG: Kill screen – At 1,100, the rabbits start moving so erratically that they aren’t able to clear all the rows.  At 1,300 points, the rabbits disappear, making it impossible to continue (video #1).  {Glen Sampson}

BUG: Kill screen – An earlier kill screen exists, possibly as a result of hitting both rabbits with consecutive shots (video #2).  {Scott Stilphen}




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