ATARI VCS/2600 High Score Contest 


I'm offering a $15 bounty for anyone who can break any score listed below. The requirements (subject to change) are:

The game must be played on an original Atari-made NTSC VCS/2600 console - no 3rd-party systems or modules.  No emulators allowed.

Only original cartridges allowed for the contest - no hacks or pirate versions (unless the original versions were never archived).  No Cuttle Carts, Harmony carts Krokodile carts, modified Superchargers, or similar devices allowed. 

Games designed for use with a specific type of controller must use that controller.  For example, using a Trak-ball controller for Track & Field is not allowed; only a joystick or a button controller may be used.

Custom controllers are allowed, as long as they don't alter or modify the directional controls for speed in games like Decathlon and Track & Field.

No exploiting glitches or scoring anomalies.  Check the Easter egg page for the most recent listing of them.

Nobody can assist you with playing the game (i.e. taking control of the game for you).

Pausing is allowed, either with a hardware mod or a game software feature.

Auto-firing (either with 3rd-party controllers or add-on devices) is also allowed for all but a few games (which aren't tracked, like Kung-Fu Master and RealSports Boxing).

All contest submissions must be recorded and include footage showing the system, controller(s), and cartridge.  The footage also needs to show the game being powered up and started, along with the difficulty switch settings and what game variation is being used, as well as the controller in use during the game.  The footage can either be transferred to DVD and sent to me, or uploaded to sites like YouTube or Vimeo and accessible to everyone.  It should include a card onscreen with your full name (or the video watermarked with your name).

Any player found to have cheated or lied about what format or version they used will have all their scores removed. 

If you have any additions, suggestions, or corrections, please email me.



2017 - Steve Germershausen rolled the score for Adventures of Tron!

Greg Degeneffe set a new high score for Riddle of the Sphinx!

Glen Sampson rolled the score for Space Cavern!

Jeff Adkins showed everyone how to really drive a race car by tying the world record in Pole Position!

Greg Degeneffe did some grand driving in Grand Prix by setting a new record in game variation #2!

Greg Degeneffe hopped to it and nabbed the high scores for Frog Pond and Rabbit Transit!

2016 - Steve Germershausen claimed the bounty for Adventures of Tron!

2015 - Jeff Adkins claimed the Mr. Do! bounty!

Greg Degeneffe set a new high score for Skiing!

Steve Germershausen claimed the bounty for Sssnake!


Activision unknown #2 (prototype) 101,101 Difficulty AA
Allia Quest 91,900 Double bounty for matching or breaking.
Asterix 61,000 NTSC or PAL
Barnstorming 32.67 3x bounty for beating time
  49.82 Game 2
  51.67 Game 3
Bermuda Triangle 500,000 Double bounty for rolling score.
Boxing 1:32  
Buck Rogers break 2 million  
Bugs 500 Double bounty for 1,000
Coconuts break 20,000  
Commando 1,012,900  
Communist Mutants From Space break 200k  
Cosmic Ark 1,264,850  
Crazy Climber reach building #9 Double bounty for rolling score.
Crystal Castles 500,000 Double bounty for rolling score.
Dark Chambers 1 million  
Decathlon 12,704  
Dragonfire 1,265,310  
Dragster 5.54 5x bounty to match or beat time
Dukes of Hazzard, The 5,080  
Enduro 118,000  
Entity, The 19,492  
Entombed 311  
Escape from Supercade 1,296  
Farmyard Fun 4,122  
Fast Food 1 million  
Fireball – cascade 75,000  
Fireball – firetrap 100,000  
Flash Gordon 1,000,000  
Frankenstein’s Monster 4,920  
Frogger, The Official (Starpath) break 100k  
Frostbite 2,000,000  
G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike 1,000,000  
Gopher 1,000,000  
Gorf 338,500  
Grand Prix 29.49 - game 1  
  01:13.88 - game 3  
  01:34.33 - game 4  
Gremlins 2,000,000  
Indy 500 3 seconds left game 6. Difficulty A. Max score is 50.
  17 seconds left game 8, Difficulty A. Max score is 50.
Jawbreaker 100,000  
Joust 1,000,000 easy
Jungle Hunt break 100k Double bounty for breaking 851,500.
Kaboom! 960,001 difficulty A
Kamikazi Saucer 4,075  
Krull 1,245,900  
Lock 'N' Chase 999,999 Match or roll score
Marauder 99,980  
  95,470 game 4, difficulty A
Marble Craze 54  
Mega Force 1,000,000  
Meltdown 29,498  
Mines of Minos 9,150  
Missile Command 7,232,890  
Ms Pac-Man 1,596,930  
Name This Game 35,980  
Nexar 999,995  
Pengo 311,310 Double bounty for rolling score.
Pick Up 30,640  
Pitfall! 114,000 (1:42 left)  
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns 199,000 (9:47)  
Plaque Attack 999,999 Match score
Planet Patrol 137,820  
Pleiades 35,410  
Popeye 805,750 Double bounty for rolling score.
Pressure Cooker 999,999 Match score
Quadrun 999,990 Match score
Reactor 1,615,526  
Robot Tank 144 tanks
Rocky and Bullwinkle 129,100  
SCSIcide 7,774 Difficulty BB
  7,938 Difficulty AA
Shark Attack 500 Double bounty for rolling score.
Sinistar 563,445 * Must use latest prototype version 2-13-84
Sorcerer’s Apprentice 50,000 Double bounty for breaking 100k.
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 15,931  
Starmaster 3,975 Ensign
Steeplechase (Atari) 01:07:00  
Sub-Scan break 100,000  
Tutankham break 6,000  
Venture break 40,000 Double bounty for breaking 100k.
Wabbit 1,200  
Warplock 300  

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