The 2600 Connection

The first and only newsletter devoted exclusively to the Atari VCS/2600.  It ran for 100 issues, from summer 1990 to July/August 2005.  After the first 50 issues, Russ Perry Jr. took it over from founder Tim Duarte.  Starting with issue #77, Al Backiel took it over until the the final issue.

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The Allentown Bethlehem Easton Atari Computer Enthusiasts newsletter.  Based in Whitehall, PA, it was published bi-monthly.

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This is Activision's own in-house newsletter, which only ran for 2 years.  At least one magazine issue was released (subtitled "The Magazine for the Next Generation"), which focused on their game, Little Computer People.

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The Adventurer

A dedicated newsletter from Lucasfilm Games (who later changed their name to LucasArts) that was published in a newspaper-style format.

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Arcade Express / Hotline

From the creators of Electronic Games magazine came this bi-weekly newsletter, created as a way to stay on top of the latest video gaming news.  According to Bill Kunkel, this was 100% Joyce Worley's work!  After V1N26, the name was changed to Hotline.  It ran for another 27 issues, with V3N1 being the last one produced.

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Atari 8-bit Alive

A bi-monthly newsletter (that referred to itself as a magazine) that was published in Salem, NJ by Damon Walker.

Atari Coin Connection

Atari's newsletter for coin-op distributors and operators.

Atari Games

One of Atari's internal newsletters - this one is for the coin-op division post-Warner.

Atari Inside

This newsletter was for retailers and distributors.

Atari Life

One of Atari's internal newsletters.

Atari News

Hard-to-find publication, made exclusively for Atari owners in Belgium and France.

Atari Owners Club Bulletin / VCS Owners Club Bulletin

Another rare 'zine, this one for owners in England.  Starting with issue #21, the name was slightly changed to VCS Owners Club Bulletin.

CGL (Activision) Fun Club News / Activision Software Club

This was Britain's version of Activisions. "CGL" was dropped from the title, starting with the third issue.  The sixth and last issue was renamed to Activision Software Club.

Classic Systems & Games Monthly

Started by Jeff Adkins and Scott Stilphen.  It ran from late 1991 to 1995.

CompuClub / CompuClub News

A newsletter devoted to the Atari home computers.  It ran in the mid-80s, from 1983 to at least 1986.  They also also offered disk-based software much like Antic and A.N.A.L.O.G. magazines did.  The latest issue I have (Volume 3, Number 6) shows a slight name change, to CompuClub News.

Digital Press

The original DP team of Joe Santulli, Kevin Oleniacz, Bill Schultz, Howard Hirsch, Karl Youngman, and John Annick started this 'zine in the fall of 1991.  The first 50 issues are presented here, along with some extras.  Issues #50-#65 were helmed by Dave Giarusso.  Jeff Belmonte took over from there, starting with issue #66.

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G.A.M.E.S. Atari/Intellivision newsletter

G.A.M.E.S. was a small chain of stores in southern California founded by Joel Gilgoff that specialized in selling new and used home and arcade games (at or close to retail price).  These newsletters were likely only available in their stores.  The March 1983 issue of Electronic Games featured an article about the stores.  G.A.M.E.S. also commissioned someone to produce a joystick for them (LINK).

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The Gamester

Based at 50 Dunham Road in Beverly, MA, this is Parker Brothers very hard-to-find in-house employee newsletter.  The 2 copies I have come courtesy of Ed English.

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I Love Atari News

Hard-to-find publication, made exclusively for Atari owners in France.

Imagic Numb Thumb News

Imagic's own publication, which only lasted for 2 issues.

Intellivision Game Club

Mattel's own publication, which only lasted for 6 issues.  A Brazilian version was produced in 1984 and based in São Paulo, but it only lasted for 2 issues.

Leisure Time Electronics Reports

Subtitled "News and Views of the Industry".  This was a companion newsletter to the Leisure Time Electronics magazine.

The Logical Gamer

Subtitled "The Monthly Home Video Games Review".  This was published in a newspaper-style format.

The Lost Bit

Atari's short-lived technical newsletter for their arcade games.

The New Zork Times / The Status Line

Infocom's classic 'zine from the 80's.  When The New York Times newspaper cried foul over the name, it was briefly changed to "****" before being renamed The Status Line.

Nybbles & Bytes

N.W.P.A.C. Atari 8-bit Club Newsletter, published by-monthly by the North West Phoenix Atari Connection.

Parker Video Games Club

A UK-based newsletter for Parker Brothers VCS games.


Portland Atari Club

Based in Beaverton, OR, the PAC covered the Atari 8-bit and 16-bit computers.  They also had a BBS.


Sente Today

Sente Technologies' newsletter for coin-op distributors and operators.  Soon after Sente's debut, Bally purchased the company and it became the Bally Sente division.  The name change was reflected in the 2nd issue.


(The Gospel According to) St. Pong

Atari's first in-house newsletter, which truly captures the philosophy and culture of the company in the beginning, before corporate America took over. Check out that original logo!


Toy & Hobby World's Weekly Market Report

Subtitled "News and Views of the Industry".  This was a companion newsletter to the Toy & Hobby World magazine.

The Video Game Update / Computer Entertainer

A monthly newsletter published out of North Hollywood, CA, and started in April 1982.  With the February 1984 issue, the name was changed to Computer Entertainer, with a section devoted to video games (under The Video Game Update name).

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