Super Cobra

When you beat the 11th section, you get a simple “congratulations” for your effort (picture #1).

The manual renames some of the enemy objects.  Tanks were renamed Ground Artillery, Smart Bombs were renamed “Flobbynoids”, comets were renamed meteors, and UFOs were renamed Flying Saucers.  Also, some of the enemy objects from the arcade version (fast rockets, moving tanks, arcing missiles, shadow meteor) aren’t included.

It’s possible to keep playing the base level indefinitely as long as you don’t pick the booty up.

BUG: Launched rockets will actually wrap-around to the bottom of the screen (picture #2).

BUG: It’s possible to bomb only half of a fuel tank (picture #3) or tank (picture #4).

BUG: The manual doesn’t mention it, but you earn a free copter if you complete the base level (the reserve icon for it doesn’t appear at the bottom of the screen).

BUG: The copter in the 400/800 version moves faster than the ground when flying backwards, making it more difficult in the city levels.  The copter in the 5200 version moves at the same speed when flying backwards.



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