• The quickest path to the castle is GREEN-BLUE-BLUE-RED.

• The score counter rolls at 10 million.  The highest possible score that can be displayed is 9,999,500.

• Firing Frequency: You won't ever be able to fire more than twice a second (or, more specifically, more than once every 25 frames or so).  This is not a product of hardware limitations or human reflexes but hard-coded into the game, as can be proven by using an emulator with frame advance.  {Gordon Taylor}

• Each time you beat the game, the number and/or spawn frequency of the targets will increase compared to the previous loop.  For example, in the 3rd loop and beyond the desert screen, you will frequently see multiple ants spawn in the same location at the same time, and on other screens you will get constant barrages of falling objects.  The only exception to this is the jungle screen, where the game appears to not allow more than 3 monkeys and 1 carnivorous plant to be onscreen at once.

• You can pick up all five possible "new friends" in one go (the river screen has a 5th one which isn't mentioned in the manual), but once you have all five, you can't get any more.  After that point, the game becomes a battle of attrition as you won't be able to replace any party members you lose.

• The drawbridge screen on the fourth loop and beyond is EXTREMELY difficult - your only chance of surviving is to get the drawbridge down IMMEDIATELY upon gaining control and only focus on shooting the arrows and pterodactyl, nothing else!

• BUG: The manual doesn’t mention there’s a 5th new friend on the river screen.  {Gordon Taylor}

• BUG: The spot you need to aim for with the light gun and the enemy sprite on screen often don't line up.  You'll usually have to aim above and/or to the left of the sprite in order to successfully hit it.  {Gordon Taylor}

• BUG: Firing at the left edge of the screen sometimes causes the shot to appear at the correct height but the wrong horizontal position (about halfway between the center and right edge of the screen instead of the left edge).  {Gordon Taylor}

• BUG: Starting on the third loop of the game, some targets will randomly become unhittable!  This might be because they overlap a target you've already destroyed, or because there are too many targets on screen for the game to handle the hit detection properly.  {Gordon Taylor}

• BUG: On the village screen, the game will sometimes stop responding to input while attempting to load and unload the characters you're protecting (which doesn't happen on other screens).  This becomes more problematic the further in the game you go.  {Gordon Taylor}

• BUG: On the river screen, it doesn't appear possible to hit any fish that appears in the lower-left corner (below where the alligator appears).  {Gordon Taylor}


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