Double Dragon

• Alternate ending – After the final battle, just as the girl comes down from the wall and touches the floor, push both FIRE buttons and UP at the same time, and then release them.  When she moves up to the edge of the red carpet, push UP.  She’ll then hug an invisible man!

• Avoid fighting the Shadow Boss' companions during that battle.  They will automatically disappear when the Shadow Boss is defeated.

• If you stand in the lower left corner of the screen and use the reverse jump kick it is almost impossible for the enemy to get you.

• BUG: Walk on water – On mission 3 (before the bridge, at the grass section), place yourself at the top and to the right of it.  Jump-kick twice and walk across the top of the screen.

• BUG: Walk in mid-air: On mission 3, when the computer moves your character over to the 2nd half of the level, push UP.  You will go to the top of the screen!  Also, if you kill off the first 4 baddies, you can go left to the climbing wall, climb about halfway up it, push LEFT, and eventually you'll appear on the right-hand side of the screen!  This puts you in a place you don't have the ability to enter (i.e. the scrolling stops before you get this far right, generally).  {John K. Harvey}

• BUG: There's a picture on the box with a caption "Williams is a 400 hitter. Avoid his lumber or he'll swat your melon into the cheap seats".  There is no bat available at this portion of the game.  {John K. Harvey}

• BUG: On the "Invade the Enemy Base" mission, when you're fighting the 2 big green men ("Abobo"), if you didn't scroll too far to the right, you should still be able to see the cut-in-stone ladder that you climbed to get up to the level you're at.  Go back and descend it.  Try to get a green guy to follow you. When he comes down the ladder, there are no graphics defined for big-guys climbing ladders, so the graphics pointer actually ends up pointing to graphics of the little green guy.  {John K. Harvey}

• BUG: If you kill one of the bosses, and then jump off of a cliff to kill yourself, but haven't completely died and been restored yet (the easiest place to try this is at the end of Mission 2, but I've done it after mission 4 as well), then the "you made it" music will play, and you'll start the next mission.  The problem is, you'll have zero health, and can no longer move your character, because he is effectively dead!  The time still counts down.  If you wait for it to time out, it'll expire and say "Time over", which would generally kill you, but the timer will just reset to its default starting time, and nothing else will happen. You're an eternal zombie!  {John K. Harvey}


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