HIDDEN MESSAGE: The text GATO, THE ATARI 7800 VERSION BY JACK SANDBERG, SR. SOFTWARE ENGINEER, IBID INC., WEST HARDFORD, CT., VER. 1.0 04/24/87 SECURITY STRING  DO NOT REMOVE" can be found in the earliest known prototype version (dated 5/23/87), as well as 4 other versions.  {Ward Shrake}

At least 7 different prototype versions are known to exist.  The 2 earliest, dated 5/23/87 and 6/11/87 (pictures #1 and #2), are nearly exact, with the exception that the gauges on the periscope screen can be selected in the later one.  The 6/23/87 version has improved periscope and radar screens (pictures #3 and #4).  The 7/27/87 version has a slightly changed periscope screen with gauges that now can be adjusted, and the radar screen is more functional (pictures #5 and #6).  A title screen and ship log screen were added in the 11/87 version, along with animated periscope graphics (pictures #7 and #8), although the tube was removed.  Later known versions, dated 12/87 and 1/88, have minor differences.

BUG: In the 7/27/87 version, if you go past 3 on the depth gauge, the screen turns red and the game resets.

BUG: In the 11/87 and later versions, islands and ships can be still be seen even if the periscope is underwater.



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