HIDDEN MESSAGE:  The text “KARATEKA, THE ATARI 7800 VERSION, BY JACK SANDBERG, SR. SOFTWARE ENGINEER, ibid inc., HARTFORD, CT. – VERSION 1.0 10/15/86 --- SECURITY STRING DO NOT REMOVE" can be found in a prototype version dated 12/23/86.

HIDDEN MESSAGE:  The text "KARATEKA © 1984 BRODERBUND   © 1987 ATARI    IMPLEMENTATION BY IBIDINC   HARTFORD, CT   MOMMY AND ME ARE ONE.  THE END" can be found in the released version.  {Ward Shrake}

This port is quite different from all others.  It’s not as much of a side-scroller.  There aren’t large sections that you have to run through; instead, you are limited as to how far you can move in a particular section.  There are 6 total (pictures #1 - #6), and all are equal in size.  Some of the background elements, that appear to be missing, such as the cliff (picture #1) or gateways are present; you either have to move all the way back or force your opponent back to see the ends.  There are also a few gameplay differences.  You can’t move your opponent back from the ‘force’ of a kick; he’ll only move back if you are very close to him and kick him several times.  You only have to defeat 5 guys before you face Akuma – 2 outside and 3 inside.  Unlike other versions, Akuma isn’t any different in appearance from any other character (except for being red). Plus the bird cannot be defeated, or even hit!

When fighting the last 3 opponents (with the bird), if you push them too far backwards, you’ll have less time to react to the bird. 

You can still die from falling off the cliff in this version, although you don’t actually fall; your character falls to the ground instead (picture #7). 

After defeating Akuma, there’s no option to either run or walk up to the princess.  When you run off-screen, you’ll then see both embracing while the screen flashes colors (picture #8), and there’s no final message afterwards.

BUG: There is a stray pixel by the princess (picture #8).



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