Planet Smashers

EASTER EGG: According to the programmer, James V. Zalewski, there is a hidden invincibility mode, but he couldn’t recall how to unlock it.  To unlock it, set Left difficulty switch to the Right position and Right difficulty switch to the Left position. Hold Pause down and turn system on. Let the game run. When the 4th score on the top 10 scores list appears, reverse both difficulty switch settings simultaneously.  The text "Planet Shmashers.... Programmed by: James V. Zalewski Datafast Computer Services 1989" will appear and the hidden invicibility mode will be activated.  {Frantisek Houra}

Here is a list of all the warp codes for each level:

LEVEL 1- Purple-Green-Yellow
LEVEL 2- Green-Red-Blue
LEVEL 3- Yellow-Blue-Green
LEVEL 4- Blue-Yellow-Red
LEVEL 5- Red-Green-Blue
LEVEL 6- Yellow-Purple-Red
LEVEL 7- Red-Purple-Green

BUG: The graphics for the last mothership on the PAL version are corrupted (see picture).



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