Tower Toppler

• HIDDEN MESSAGE:  Select through all the levels back to level 1.  Play a normal game to the end.  There will also be no bonus rounds with this variation.

• Level skip - The LEFT DIFFICULTY switch allows you to skip to higher towers.  Move the switch to the left and the game will begin to cycle through towers; move it to the right to choose the tower shown.

• Unlimited lives - Using the LEFT DIFFICULTY switch, move to the tower which is right before the tower you want to start playing, and then move the switch to the right.  Kill off all your lives. As soon as you’ve lost your last life, but before the "Game Over" sign displays, move the switch to the left (you have to be fast and time it just right).  You will cycle to the next highest tower and will be granted an infinite number of lives.  Move the switch to the right and begin playing.

• Alternate unlimited lives method? On level 1, kill off all your men by drowning.  As soon as the bubbles disappear, activate the level select with the RIGHT DIFFICULTY switch (A – skip; B – pick level).  Your life counter will then show “0”. 

• At the top of the final tower, the 3rd door (from your POV) is the correct one.

• Quick win: Use the level select trick to go back to level 1, and then play the game as normal but when level 1 is completed, you will get the game completed message as if you had beaten the entire game! {Edwin Nelson}


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