Alternate Reality: The Dungeon

An early version allowed for free movement, as opposed to only 90 degree turns in the final.

Creator Phillip Price has a different version from what was released (which Datasoft had at one point, but lost).

It was intended (and Datasoft even stated) that you would always be able to return to the City from any other part of the series, but the Dungeon doesn’t allow it.  Instead, a “mini city” was included inside Dungeon.

The copy-protection scheme used was unique: if you start the game from a sector copied disk (#1) and enter the dungeon you immediately encounter "A FBI Agent who hits you with the long arm of justice for x points" and die.

BUG: Picking up the golden apple adds 15 to your hit points (and then disappears), but if you pick it up and immediately drop it, you can keep repeating this (earning 15 points each time).


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