• Infinite lives can be obtained by using a sector editor and changing the bytes 58 (CE), 59 (F4) and 60 (31) of sector 89 to EA.

• BUG: The ball will often change speed for no reason, either speeding up or slowing down.

• BUG: When using a joystick, the Vaus (paddle) might not always immediately respond to your movements.

• BUG: The reserve lives counter only goes as high as 9.  If you earn more than that, the counter number will be missing when you start the next round.  If you lose a life when it’s missing, a “9” will appear in the counter again, even though you might have more than 9 at that point.  So if you lose track of how may lives you have over 9, you won’t know for sure until the counter shows an “8”.

• BUG: The triple ball function rarely works.  The problem is with how it generates random numbers by reading the $D40B counter (which is more like a  pseudo random generator).  Moreover, the number for the bonus ball is generated at a bad time, which results in it being equal to 4 (triple ball bonus) only under very special circumstances.  I fixed this problem by replacing reading $D40B by $D20A.  {Frantisek Houra}


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