Barnyard Blaster

Blood And Guts mode – At the title screen, hold OPTION, then SELECT, and then START. The programmer’s name, “James V. Zalewski” will turn black (picture #1 and video #1).  Release all 3 keys and then start a new game.  When you get to Gramps’ Bonus Screen, shoot the weather vane.  A screen with the text “PROGRAM WRITTEN AND GRAPHICS DONE BY JAMES V ZALEWSKI SOUND AND MUSIC BY JOE SIMKO BLOOD AND GUTS NOW ENABLED SHOOT TO CONTINUE” will appear (picture #2).  Now all the animals you shoot will explode in red pixels, instead of showing you point values.

On the barn exterior screen, it’s possible for the gopher to appear in the large, upper barn window (although this one is extremely rare to see).

If you complete all 36 screens, you get a screen with the text “YOU WIN I GIVE UP” (picture #3 and video #2).

BUG: On the Gramps’ Bonus Screen, some bottles are thrown high enough that they will go off the top of the screen and briefly wrap-around to the lower-left corner (picture #4).  {Scott Stilphen}




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