B.C.'s Quest For Tires

BUG: When starting a new level, sometimes the game will start you right in front of a rock or hole.

BUG: The graphics for the tree branch/log scene will become jumpy the faster you go.

BUG: Several graphics glitches can appear on the hill sections.  When going uphill, jumping UP+LEFT will cause your character’s head to briefly stretch (picture #1).  At the top of the hill, jumping near the right side of the screen causes a single pixel to appear above your head (picture #2).  When going downhill, a similar graphics glitch will appear when jumping UP+RIGHT.  Also, if you jump UP+RIGHT just as you start to go downhill, part of your head will remain floating in the air (picture #3) and will actually stay onscreen up to and including the cave (picture #4)!  Note that if this piece is hit by a falling boulder, you will be killed.  If you go at full speed at the top of the hill, the bird sometimes won’t appear (picture #5)!  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: At the volcano/falling rocks scene, keep to the right side of the screen. When you get to the turtles/dinosaur scene, you can immediately jump across without being harmed.  {Jeff Lunn}

BUG: If you go at full speed right before you reach the turtles/dinosaur scene, you’ll end up in the water but you won’t be killed (picture #6).  {Scott Stilphen}



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