Canyon Climber

A prototype version exists (pictures #1, #3, and #5) that has several differences from the released version (pictures #2, #4, and #6).  It has a custom font but lacks any title screen or copyright info (picture #1).  The theme music plays faster and pressing RESET doesn’t start/restart a game.  Also, the reserve lives indicators are horizontal instead of vertical (picture #2). On the 1st screen, there’s no plunger for the dynamite, but if you run to the upper-right corner where it should be, the bridges will blow up.  On the 2nd screen, the natives and arrows (picture #4) are missing, and in their place is a donkey that kicks boulders down the ramps from the upper-right corner (picture #3).  The shields are also gone and instead there are pickaxes to break the boulders.  When you complete this screen, the theme music plays before you start the 3rd screen.  Your character doesn’t jump straight up as it does in the released version.  On the 3rd screen, the colors of the canyon walls are swapped (pictures #5 and #6).  You can safely stand on either the left or right edge of the screen and you won’t get hit.  When you reach the top, the theme music again plays while your character dances, and when it finishes, you stop dancing and the goat comes out to knock you down.

On the 2nd screen, after you jump 26 arrows, the distance you can jump will slightly decrease.  If you die, this will reset.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The mountain goats on the 1st and 3rd screens are referred to as sheep in the manual.

BUG: On the 1st screen, the plunger only gets pushed if you’re running to the right when you touch it. If you jump on it, or jump over it and run to the left across it, it won’t work.  {Scott Stilphen}

RUMOR: If you lose a man before completing the first screen, hold the Fire button down while the bridges are exploding and you'll start the next screen with 3 men again.  The score resets when you do this.  After much testing, there doesn’t seem to be any truth to this rumor.



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