The 5200 version (pictures #1 and #2) is a greatly-improved one visually, compared to the 400/800 version (pictures #3 and #4).  It also features a little animation on the title screen which may be unique to any other 5200 games – after a few seconds, the “Centipede” name scrolls off the right side of the screen (picture #1) and then the screen fades out.

A prototype version exists that is copyright dated 1981 (picture #3) and is easier to play than the released version (picture #4).  The prototype version boots to a light-green mushroom field and always starts with a purple field with a blue centipede and blue reserve lives; the released version boots to a white mushroom field and always starts with a green mushroom field with a red centipede and red reserve lives.  The centipede in the prototype always appears complete and in the center of the screen; the centipede in the released version has a separate segment each time it appears and always starts to the right of center, with the separate segments to the left of center.  It eventually appears with all the segments separate and will never appear complete again.  The scorpion and spider also appear more frequently in the released version, and the spider becomes more aggressive and erratic.

The flea will appear regardless of how many mushrooms are near the bottom of the screen.

The most reserve lives you can have is 6.

BUG: When using the tunnel strategy, the head of the centipede will sometimes break off and jump down when you’re shooting at it (see video).  {Scott Stilphen}



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