EASTER EGG: The letters “EP” (for original Apple II designer/programmer Eric Parker) and “NGSP” (?) can be seen on the final screen (picture #1 and video #1).  “EP” is on the bottom-left corner (at the end of the river) and “NGSP” is on the right side along the shore.  {Scott Stilphen}

Free life (level 1): It’s possible to jump down on top of the tree in the first scene (picture #3 and video #2).  The top branch actually has 2 levels to it.  Near the end of the branch is another level that’s slightly lower.  If you walk from the right edge of the screen to the end, you’ll fall off the branch (and over the area where the level is).  If you jump left from the right edge, you’ll land on it.  From there, walk right as far as you can and move down and you’ll get a free life!  You can actually climb down from there to the lower branch.

Free life (level 3): If you jump up and touch the avian ally (picture #7), you’ll get a free life!

Secret hiding spot: On level 6, if you stand on the left side of the machine so that you’re actually on top of it (picture #2 and video #3), no enemies will touch you (the sparks can’t move past that ladder).  {Scott Stilphen}

The maximum number of swords you can store up is 99; if you pick up 1 more at that point, the counter will roll over to 0 (and you’ll have none!  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: On level 6, sparks can move beyond the end of the platform above and to the right of the machine (picture #4 and video #4).

BUG: On level 6, if you complete the ladder, sparks can climb it, but they can’t move to the left of it; however, they can move right - all the way across the screen until they’re completely off it (picture #4).  Not only that, it’s possible for them to wrap-around to the left side!  But they won’t move out from the wall, and they’re not dangerous if you touch them (picture #5).  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: On the last level, it’s possible to jump down inside the right-most wall (picture #6 and video #5).  If you go right at that point, you’ll fall down off the screen (and back to level 6).  {Scott Stilphen}







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