Desmond's Dungeon

At least 2 different versions exist.  The cassette version doesn’t have the title screen or the bug listed below.  Some versions have different bonus timers, too.

All the levels are symmetrical. At dungeon 6, all the various elements remain the same for subsequent levels.

On later levels, there are doors that have to be unlocked.  The spiders won’t go through the door (even when open).  On the early levels, the spiders seem to reverse

On the vault screen, if you throw up the last bag of gold and then immediately lose your last man, the gold will be taken off screen but the game will still end.

BUG: Some versions have a bug that makes the dungeon on level 11 impossible to complete; due to a missing ladder, there are 2 bags of gold that cannot be reached (see picture and video).  The cassette version doesn’t have this bug.