Final Legacy

At least 5 prototype versions exist!  The earliest (?) version doesn’t have a title screen, an option for right or left-handled controls (picture #3), or show the fuel information (picture #1), plus the map screen says “Navigation” at the bottom (picture #2).  The title screen on the Rev 5.3 and 7.1 versions simply says Legacy (picture #4).  A similar version has a red navigation bar (picture #5).  Rev 5.3 also doesn’t have fuel information.  A 5th version has the final “Final Legacy” but in black letters instead of white (picture #6).

2 release versions exist.  The original release is exactly the same as the 5200 version (left column).  A later release (right column) has a number of small differences compared to the original – the most notable of which (besides the colors) is the later version uses icons on many of the different screens, and particularly on the navigation bar (which is red instead of purple).   It doesn't have the “Sea to Land E-Beam” text on the Sea-to-Land screen, and there’s less text on the Sea-to-Air screen.  All the ranks are gone and instead are simply numbered from 1 to 6.  Also, it offers a left or right-handed joystick option.  Pressing START, SELECT, or OPTION during the game pulls up a black screen that says OPTION; Pressing OPTION again will return you to the game but pressing SELECT will return you to the joystick configuration screen.

The theme music was reused from the unreleased Superman III game.

The score counter rolls over at 1 million.

The manual doesn’t list the names of your cities, but they are listed below, along with what they stand for (from Dan Oliver):

Bejin = Beijing, China
Bon = Bonn, Germany
Kendall = Kendall, NY (Dan Oliver’s hometown growing up)
Kyo = Tokyo, Japan
= A new city named after the wars.
= London, England
Nork = New York
Warn = Warsaw, Poland

The manual doesn’t specify what the ‘E’ stands for with the Sea-to-Air E-Beam weapon.  According to programmer Dan Oliver, it stands for Electric.

It’s easier to approach cites in the Sea-to-Land sequence moving from left-to-right.

BUG: If you destroy the final enemy city and shoot all but 1 of their missiles down, the game will end the instant it reaches its target (but you won’t see the explosion).  If you have the option to continue and use it, you’ll see the explosion on the map, but your city won’t be affected.

BUG: In the Sea-to-Air game, if a missile gets past you and there’s still time left before it reaches a city, your view will refocus to bring it back into range, except the game misspells it as “REFOCUSSING”.




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