Gemstone Warrior

The title screen has what appears to be the initials “JC” in the lower-right corner (picture #1).

Pressing SHIFT+1 on the title screen allows you to flip through each text screen.  This feature is not mentioned in the manual.

With the 3 difficulty levels (Beginner, Normal, and Kamaikaze), what’s not mentioned in the manual is higher levels have more rooms.

There’s a room deep in the Maze with an unknown exit (picture #2 and video). On the Beginner level, there’s only 1 like this. On the normal level, there’s 2 chambers with the same layout and same exit. It’s unknown what this is exactly.

Prior to finding all the pieces of the gemstone, you’ll find 2 rooms (on the Beginner level) that have locked doorways.  When you find all the pieces, these 2 doorways will be unlocked, but 2 other doorways will then be locked.  You’ll have to travel through rooms that are unfamiliar to you (until you get them mapped out).

4 inventory items in the manual are listed as having unknown effects when used – flower, ancient black thing, dice, and dagger.  The flower restores a little heath if you’re healthy, or makes you sicker if you’re ill.  The ancient black thing (AKA floppy disc) restores full health, but only in certain areas (?).  Using the dice is literally “rolling the dice”, as using it could result in the same effect of any object (protection shield, health drop, all enemies come back to life, etc).

BUG: The dagger doesn’t seem to be included on the Atari version.  It’s in the C-64 version, and the same programmer did both.




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